fdf Exactly a month and half since i arrived here in Bangkok. So how was it? the question that most of my friends and family even those whom i just met and acquainted here would ask( well yeah its normal for them to ask of that question though from the fact that im fresh off the boat). City of angels has been good to me from the very first day i set foot in here and that i have to be grateful. Going back to the thought of my title, Holiday Blues! My melodramatic ego has been knocking on my door recently as much as how id like not to entertain him, he knows exactly when to visit. Well it has been proved that this time of the year is really when most people are agitated or feeling down and out. Which is kinda ironic for what it should all be about.  And in my case i could associate the situation that im away from the closest and dearest people to me this Holiday, aside from all the other factors. Is it inevitable not to miss home? OFCOURSE! Specially that it is my first out of the country celebration of the Holidays. Unlike in the Philippines where you can feel the Christmas spirit in as early as September, yeah you read it right for those unaware, here, they ain’t too gaudy as how it is back home. In the Philippines they could start playing Christmas songs on the first day of September and you’ll find Christmas decors and stuff being sold in the mall or market. Well these explains the difference of our culture that we have to respect and need not to compare.

So how am I fighting the blues? There can be tons of ways as they say.  Simply going out with friends, watching movie, too many as long as you know how to enjoy yourself. But as for me who dont really have that much buddies yet,  since i work 9 hours a day 5 days a week (could be more actually) staying in the office more than the required time is one. Sitting in front of the computer acting like I’m doing anything worthy but I’m actually just reading stuff online,ok ok social media that i know i need not to enumerate, just killing time and waiting for the rush hour to cease as well. Second is people watching at the park and inhaling fresher air if it is really fresh since it still lies within the concrete juggle of the central business district is a fun way too. One thing actually that i like here in Bangkok is that they have parks scattered all around the place so there’s no excuse not to visit one. I know some will agree that just being outside fizzles out the gloom, haha i don’t want to sound like too melodramatic in here though. Third would be just going out to any place of interest.  And lastly for now,( i told you there are tons of ways but these are my ways as of writing ) is meditating with a pen! Have i been influenced by the people i watch meditating in the park? Nope. I have always wanted to write but didn’t have the courage and time to do so and realizing that i am able to do it now is extremely delightful so holiday blues or even simply Bangkok blues shouldn’t be an issue at all.

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ― Abraham Lincoln 



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