Year End Report

Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

My title again is a fail. This is not really a report but Im just gonna be sharing photos of the things here. I was once asked by a friend of why i take photos of almost everything( i might have annoyed him one time 😉 ), i answered that it is because my memory is so poor even tho the capacity of a human brain is in between 3 or 1000 TB terabytes mine is just probably half of it, i cant store too much data so i have to take photos to tell stories. 

I know lots of blogs have been written about the things and what to see here in BKK, but i still dare write/share to you.


So with my almost half an hour travel everyday to the central business district from home using either by BTS, Airport link, boat, bus,car taxi or motorbike taxi (yes i have 6 means to travel to work, hallelujah!) I will always have to meet the food stalls in every corner of the street. One can’t have the excuse of getting hungry in here. Food is amazingly cheap too, well ofcourse im talking about the authentic thai food coz there are fancy restaurants around aswell that can be pricey. Thailand is food heaven. That’s what i think of first before beautiful ladies comes in mind. (wink wink)


CTO of this photo. I deleted some of my food stall photos. And i think this one is perfect. 😉


35Bath noodles. Sorry until now i dont know what it is called. This is my personal favorite. They have lots of noodles to choose from. Picture can be deceiving, you think you wont be full from a bowl? Have some.

Som Tam (photo credits to wikipedia)

Som tam my not so fav thai papaya salad. You eat everything raw, even crablets that comes with it, you eat raw. Ingredients can be sitaw(string beans), chili, papaya, chili, cabbage,chili, eggplant, chili, fish sause,chili, lime, chili, tomatoes,chili, did i forget to mentioned chili? haha it is because Thai food is all about chili. 🙂 you have the option to tell them mai pet(not too hot)  but still taste hot tho so better tell them not to put chili sometimes. Costs 30bath in the streets. 🙂

That leafy thing i thought was a Mimosa pudica(makahiya) facinated that they eat it here and how they manage to be too patient to take the torns out but thanks to my thai friend Jen it is actually called pak ka set(dont know how to really spell it). Look at how this two looks the same.(below)

Pak ka set and mimosa pudica.


I smiled the first day i saw a group of students with a paper clip on their belt, i thought it was some sort of sorority thing for those girls. Amazing that it was such a trend. Its a humble way to pin the strap of their belt or skirt tho. 🙂

check for more of what im talking about.

Mobile Bars

Mobile bars are only eye catching for me because they come in different sizes and shapes (lol as i type) I seriously want to say that they are eye catchy coz they are too colorful and artistic, volkswagen turned bars, you will see drunken farangs (ok that is harsh) better say drinking farangs right next to it(which makes it more eye catching). Have not tried drinking on one yet. This street is where I’ve seen most mobile bars so far. Since Soi 11 was mentioned i will also add that it is one of those “farang streets” they have. Bkk receives too many tourist giving it diversity and other more interesting streets.  (soi is street and farang is foreigner)


Mobile bar in Soi 11.

CTO jaypee david

Alright. Thats it for now, i have other interesting encounters but will save for later( honestly run out of words and will go back to work). I will update later. Happy Holidays and may we all have a great 2014 ahead. Cheers! x


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